Gender Reveal July 6, 2017

Hello again!!

This post is obviously a little late, but I just had to share these amazing pictures from Brittany Bay Productions!


We found out at 14 weeks what we were having because of some early blood work I needed to get done.  So our announcement and gender reveal turned into one! I enlisted my friend Brittany to help me with the surprise.  I decided that after spending the last year planning a wedding and all the parties that it entailed, doing it this way would be best!

I wasn’t suppose to find out the gender so Ryan and I could be surprised together but my sister is a bad influence.  When the doctor’s office called, I said go ahead what is it.  Well that wasn’t smart because then I had to keep it from Ryan for a week! If you know me, you know I suck at keeping secrets and my facial expressions don’t help either.

The idea for the reveal was smoke bombs, which I didn’t realize I was suppose to order until 6 days before hand.  Here comes the stress as I am trying to figure out how to order smoke bombs and where to order them from, my husband is out of town and I can’t figure out his Amazon Prime account. I was a mess!  By the time I figured out his Amazon Prime, I had already text a friend to see if he could order a set of smoke bombs for me. We ended up with 4. (I still haven’t picked mine up from the post office, oops)


The picture day was hot because its summer in Texas. The theme was New Year’s Eve since that is the baby’s due date. I also had a cute sign made by a friend that matched the theme. I remembered the smoke bombs and the sign but forgot the lighter and tape.


Luckily we had a few family members with us that came in handy with the sign holding and one even stopped for a lighter on the way.


In the end, she yet again did an AMAZING job all the while putting up with us and our shenanigans! Oh and Ryan was surprised, ecstatic that he gets a mini him!


Be sure to check her out for all your picture needs!

Instagram: @brittanybayproductions




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