My Boutique..

Savvy Boutique or as some of you call it Savvy Texas Boutique. Our first logo is below.

FullSizeRender 3

We opened Savvy about three and half years ago because I love to shop! At the time, I was a few years out of college and learning that I loved boutiques, but some were just out of my price range.  I decided why not try to bring people my love of boutique clothing at affordable prices!

My mom and grandpa have owned an antique business going on 30 years in different antique malls in Louisiana and Texas.  So when I went to my mom with the idea about the boutique, we decided we could mix some clothes in with their antiques.  Their current location was THRILLED because they had recently been talking about how to get some younger faces through the antique mall.  Match made in heaven!

Savvy started out in High Street Antiques in Plano, TX.  Then as the months passed, we started hearing about local craft shows at the high schools during the fall. Our first local show was the Holiday House in Coppell, my hometown.  We ended up doing two more shows that year which turned out great! My mom also learned that if you talked to the other vendors, they would point you in the direction of other good shows locally.



Pictures of our current booth at High Street Antiques in Plano.

IMG_4770(Don’t mind my purse, oops)

One of those people sent us in the direction of Third Monday Trade Days in McKinney.  We called them and were told we could start February 2015.  It is an outdoor market every Third Monday of the month that includes clothes, antiques, woodwork, fair food, literally everything!

  • Little interesting fact for you: The people that run Third Mondays in Mckinney are relatives to the people that run First Mondays in Canton.


Then one year ago, we had another opportunity arise with Salon on the Creek in Coppell.   They were looking for someone to rent some space they had available, so we called and asked if they would be interested in a boutique. They said, Yes! Then a few months later, we moved in there as well!



So right now, we are in High Street Antiques in Plano, we do Third Monday Trade Days in McKinney every month, and are located at Salon on the Creek in Coppell.  This is all before “show season” starts.

No worries, I will give y’all a glimpse into show season as well, especially since we have already started to prepare.






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