Our Wedding, Part 1.


This is about our wedding, the first part at least.

We wanted to make sure everyone was included even the people that couldn’t travel with us for our destination wedding.  So we said, lets go to the Justice of the Peace plus it saved us a couple hundred dollars since the resort didn’t have to do any of our legal paperwork.  Breeze, right?

The Justice of the Peace turned into lets just do our rehearsal dinner too since everyone will be here.  As my husband reminds me, we didn’t plan anything too big, but it was stressful to me.  We were in the middle of show season and he was traveling, so most of the planning was on me.  Lucky him right?

So we finally found a weekend that worked with everyone.  Planned on the Justice of the Peace at 1 or 2 in the afternoon only to find out that most courts close at noon.  So then we had to let everyone know that was driving in, you need to be here by 1130 which meant most were driving in the night before.


The rehearsal dinner part was easy.  My mom, future mother in law and myself went to check out one location and were sold.  Drinks were to start at six and dinner at seven.  My future mother in law and her friends took it over from there.  Well other than figuring out the guest list, I had to help with that.



April 7th, 2017, all the stress and everything was gone the minute I got to marry my best friend. Well if you were there, most people thought I was going to pass out, I was shaking so bad. It was a perfect day especially since both of our grandpas that were with us got to be our witnesses on the marriage license.

IMG_3380Talk about special. (My grandpa signed as well, we just didn’t get a picture)

It was great! We had our family with us for the Justice of the Peace, about 30 people. Then we had family and friends join us for dinner and drinks that night, about 65 people.  It really was the perfect Friday surrounded by people that love us the most!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Oh, I almost forgot! We got free dessert at Twisted Root since we were newly weds!




PS Thanks to Jackie for some of these amazing pictures!

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