Let’s Talk Cravings..

It is one of the things I get asked about most being pregnant.

“What are you craving?” “Having any weird cravings?” “Have you craved pickles?”

Honestly, if you ask Ryan, my cravings are the same as always.  I have always loved sweets and if you ask anyone in our family, we all have a sweet tooth. It’s a Richards thing as they say.  I love Taco Bell, thanks to my mother even though she doesn’t like it very much anymore.  McDonald’s has the best Cokes, I couldn’t tell you why but they’re my favorite.  I have also always love mashed potatoes, so much my family called me Tater growing up. So he’s right, the cravings are the same.

But then again, I can’t eat at my favorite places like Mi Cocina or Anamia’s anymore.  Avocado and guacamole unless mixed in a burrito bowl are definitely off the table. I did crave bologna sandwiches for about 3 weeks before I was told no lunch meat. (insert eye roll here) Baked potatoes were my favorite for about 2 weeks but like I mentioned before, my nickname is Tater, so really nothing new.

If I had to choose what stands out to me most about my cravings, the food has to be from the restaurant I want.  Mashed potatoes have to be from Market Street, potato salad from Red, Hot & Blue, you get the idea.

If you were to ask Ryan the weirdest thing, it would be getting fries from McDonald’s and chicken quesadillas from Taco Bell.  Some days I can’t choose and I am known to go to at least 2 places to get what sounds the best.  One night it was a Braum’s chocolate shake and Taco Bell which aren’t close to each other by any means, but its what I wanted.

Cravings, they’re a weird thing, but if it keeps the baby and pregnant me happy, I will gladly oblige.



P.S. No I don’t crave pickles, they actually made me nauseous for a while. I can eat them somedays and somedays, I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole.



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