Oh, Half Way There!

I am writing this and I am just about a week past the half way point, but WE’VE MADE IT!

I am not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy.  I honestly thought pregnancy was just this cute little bump you get with weight gain and maybe morning sickness.

Nobody told me about the lack of sleep due to never getting comfortable or those awful leg cramps you get during your second trimester.  Or what about nausea? Luckily I didn’t throw up, but I always heard it was a first trimester thing.  Nope!  Mine is still going strong, not as bad as first trimester but still very much there.  Water intake is a must! They say eight glasses of water a day and you’re good. Not really, the dehydration pains are the worst and I promise I keep up with how much I drink.  I have learned since I work in healthcare, water intake for me needs to be higher.  What about when you stand up after sitting for a while?  You got to remember to take it slow and pause before taking that first step, you get some weird pains as the weight shifts around.  I now understand why people waddle when they’re pregnant, it’s honestly more comfortable that way.

My belly though, is a whole different story.  I honestly haven’t put on much weight, more of weight redistribution to my belly.  I have been asked if I am having twins or people say wow you’re big already.  Thanks, no it is not twins and believe me I know.  Unfortunately starting off overweight doesn’t help this situation, hence why I haven’t put on a lot of weight in the first place.  I am keeping a good eye on the scale but not dieting either.

So my belly is big which will tell you, he is going to be a big boy!  At 18.5 weeks, he was measuring a week ahead at 11 ounces!!  If you read those pregnancy apps then you know a baby around 18 weeks should weigh about 7 ounces.  But what do you expect when your husband is 6’6 and was a nine pound baby.

IMG_6831(I like this picture because he opened his mouth to smile and boy did it shock me when I saw it come across the screen.  My sister and I squealed! Such a special moment!)

Just because this post is me slightly complaining doesn’t mean I am not thrilled for our bundle of joy!  It really is crazy how our body works to create another human.  I mean have you ever just sat and thought about it?!  What a freaking cool miracle!

Also, I will post the name as soon as the hubby says I can, I am just waiting on him at this point.  HINT HINT!



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