A small scare..

Well, I think the title gives it all away.  So let’s get to it.

I was working Monday when the code blue alarm sounded over head.  I took off running because I was the closest respiratory therapist in that moment.  Once I got there, the room was hot and only got worse as it filled with people coming to help.  We were in there for an hour, adrenaline rushing and my colleagues asking if I needed help.  This is where I forgot being pregnant allows me to say yes please take over for me and no one will think twice about it.  But of course those words didn’t come out of my mouth and I was lucky one of my coworkers stayed with me making me switch on and off.

Fast forward an hour or so later, my heart is still racing, my legs feel weak and I just couldn’t catch up.  So I called my doctor and he told me to go down stairs to Labor & Delivery Triage.  Luckily I work where I will deliver and my doctor is here too so he was able to call them ahead for me.

So now I become the patient with continuous monitoring, IV, and the baby gets monitored too.  In the 6 hours I was in triage, my blood pressure and heart rate lowered a little but were still high for me which meant time to get an actual room.

Once we get to our new room, they explain to us how I will be doing a 24 hour urine sample to check for protein in my urine which could be a sign of pre-eclampsia.  So we started at 10:55pm Monday night which meant now I was becoming a resident until at least Wednesday.

It’s Wednesday as I am posting this, my blood pressure is still a little high at times but my protein levels in my urine are normal!  They aren’t really sure what caused all this so we are going to keep monitoring my blood pressure at home once or twice a day.

Before I forget, Baby Kaz is doing just fine!! He didn’t like being monitored so any time we would get close to his monitoring being over, he’d move and we would start again.  So what should’ve been 20 minutes of monitoring twice a day turned into an hour and half each time!!

Lesson learned.  When  pregnant it is okay to let someone help you especially in high stress situations.  Also drink more water.

Now time to enjoy my last hospital breakfast!

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