A million miles…

Today is a Monday.  Who likes Mondays?  No one really, but I try to see it as a start to my week, let’s kick off what we need to get done on a good note.  Then some days I just want my Monday to relax because weekends lately have been SO BUSY!

This Monday though, I was determined to have a good day and get things done.  I had it all planned out and even allowed myself to sleep in some.  BUT nope, today has been a complete mess.  I am all over the place, lists everywhere but can’t seem to get one done.  I start on one and move to the next then go back to the other one and so forth.  It is making me go crazy, I want to slow down and focus but I just can’t.  I am so behind, I don’t even know how to catch up, so all I want to do is give up.

Packages haven’t been sent, the kitchen hasn’t been cleaned, laundry undone, office not cleaned.  You name it, not done.

So I sit here and write in hopes that I will get my brain together.  A fresh start, remind myself there will be days like this and I will push through.

Now time to make dinner and maybe at least get one thing on the list done.  Wish me luck.

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