My generation

My generation, the millennial.  Ask anyone, they’ll let you know their opinion of us.  But then sometimes, I see what people in our generation do and I think to myself yep I get it.  Also WHY MUST I BE ONE?!

I feel like my parents raised me well enough to take care of myself and work hard for what I want, I don’t expect handouts but yes I am spoiled.  I also understand that my parents worked hard to give us the life we have and I am extremely thankful for it.

Anyways, I am writing this because my dad went on one of his rants on our generation again.  And truthfully I’m not mad at him about it, I’m mad at the dang person for being everything they say we are.

Who gets an internship and doesn’t actually want to work?  Why must you work from home?  Who shows up out of dress code?  Why can’t you notice they are trying to broaden your horizons by letting you see different projects and attend meetings for said projects?  Why is it so hard to understand the little things before getting to work on that big project?

I just don’t get it, I’m sorry but do you think you just walk out of college into your dream job making the most money possible?   I mean maybe some do but most people don’t, you work your way up to where you want to be.  You learn and grow with the company and sometimes even change jobs to further your growth.   Life just isn’t handed to you and if you think it is, then I hope the real world slaps you in the face.

And for those of you wondering,  yes I once thought I was going to come out of college and get my dream job because I had my bachelors degree in a field of associates with more clinical hours than other programs from a top 10% school for my program, so cake right?!  NOPE!  It didn’t happen and I learned real quick that I needed more experience.  I also didn’t want to live at my grandpa’s house forever.  Though, his diet helped me lose twenty pounds and dinner was always cooked, I wanted to be out on my own.  So to gain that experience I took a job that was on an as needed basis and signed up for as many shifts as I could get a week and drove over 70 miles round trip.  It took 2 and half years to finally land my dream job and I walked in getting to request the shift I wanted to work and where I wanted to work.

Put in the time my fellow millennial friends, work hard.  Please stop living up to our horrible generation stigma.  And for those of you like me that wish we weren’t grouped in, can we apply to start our own generation?!

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