Let’s Talk Cravings..

It is one of the things I get asked about most being pregnant.

“What are you craving?” “Having any weird cravings?” “Have you craved pickles?”

Honestly, if you ask Ryan, my cravings are the same as always.  I have always loved sweets and if you ask anyone in our family, we all have a sweet tooth. It’s a Richards thing as they say.  I love Taco Bell, thanks to my mother even though she doesn’t like it very much anymore.  McDonald’s has the best Cokes, I couldn’t tell you why but they’re my favorite.  I have also always love mashed potatoes, so much my family called me Tater growing up. So he’s right, the cravings are the same.

But then again, I can’t eat at my favorite places like Mi Cocina or Anamia’s anymore.  Avocado and guacamole unless mixed in a burrito bowl are definitely off the table. I did crave bologna sandwiches for about 3 weeks before I was told no lunch meat. (insert eye roll here) Baked potatoes were my favorite for about 2 weeks but like I mentioned before, my nickname is Tater, so really nothing new.

If I had to choose what stands out to me most about my cravings, the food has to be from the restaurant I want.  Mashed potatoes have to be from Market Street, potato salad from Red, Hot & Blue, you get the idea.

If you were to ask Ryan the weirdest thing, it would be getting fries from McDonald’s and chicken quesadillas from Taco Bell.  Some days I can’t choose and I am known to go to at least 2 places to get what sounds the best.  One night it was a Braum’s chocolate shake and Taco Bell which aren’t close to each other by any means, but its what I wanted.

Cravings, they’re a weird thing, but if it keeps the baby and pregnant me happy, I will gladly oblige.



P.S. No I don’t crave pickles, they actually made me nauseous for a while. I can eat them somedays and somedays, I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole.



My Boutique..

Savvy Boutique or as some of you call it Savvy Texas Boutique. Our first logo is below.

FullSizeRender 3

We opened Savvy about three and half years ago because I love to shop! At the time, I was a few years out of college and learning that I loved boutiques, but some were just out of my price range.  I decided why not try to bring people my love of boutique clothing at affordable prices!

My mom and grandpa have owned an antique business going on 30 years in different antique malls in Louisiana and Texas.  So when I went to my mom with the idea about the boutique, we decided we could mix some clothes in with their antiques.  Their current location was THRILLED because they had recently been talking about how to get some younger faces through the antique mall.  Match made in heaven!

Savvy started out in High Street Antiques in Plano, TX.  Then as the months passed, we started hearing about local craft shows at the high schools during the fall. Our first local show was the Holiday House in Coppell, my hometown.  We ended up doing two more shows that year which turned out great! My mom also learned that if you talked to the other vendors, they would point you in the direction of other good shows locally.



Pictures of our current booth at High Street Antiques in Plano.

IMG_4770(Don’t mind my purse, oops)

One of those people sent us in the direction of Third Monday Trade Days in McKinney.  We called them and were told we could start February 2015.  It is an outdoor market every Third Monday of the month that includes clothes, antiques, woodwork, fair food, literally everything!

  • Little interesting fact for you: The people that run Third Mondays in Mckinney are relatives to the people that run First Mondays in Canton.


Then one year ago, we had another opportunity arise with Salon on the Creek in Coppell.   They were looking for someone to rent some space they had available, so we called and asked if they would be interested in a boutique. They said, Yes! Then a few months later, we moved in there as well!



So right now, we are in High Street Antiques in Plano, we do Third Monday Trade Days in McKinney every month, and are located at Salon on the Creek in Coppell.  This is all before “show season” starts.

No worries, I will give y’all a glimpse into show season as well, especially since we have already started to prepare.






Gender Reveal July 6, 2017

Hello again!!

This post is obviously a little late, but I just had to share these amazing pictures from Brittany Bay Productions!


We found out at 14 weeks what we were having because of some early blood work I needed to get done.  So our announcement and gender reveal turned into one! I enlisted my friend Brittany to help me with the surprise.  I decided that after spending the last year planning a wedding and all the parties that it entailed, doing it this way would be best!

I wasn’t suppose to find out the gender so Ryan and I could be surprised together but my sister is a bad influence.  When the doctor’s office called, I said go ahead what is it.  Well that wasn’t smart because then I had to keep it from Ryan for a week! If you know me, you know I suck at keeping secrets and my facial expressions don’t help either.

The idea for the reveal was smoke bombs, which I didn’t realize I was suppose to order until 6 days before hand.  Here comes the stress as I am trying to figure out how to order smoke bombs and where to order them from, my husband is out of town and I can’t figure out his Amazon Prime account. I was a mess!  By the time I figured out his Amazon Prime, I had already text a friend to see if he could order a set of smoke bombs for me. We ended up with 4. (I still haven’t picked mine up from the post office, oops)


The picture day was hot because its summer in Texas. The theme was New Year’s Eve since that is the baby’s due date. I also had a cute sign made by a friend that matched the theme. I remembered the smoke bombs and the sign but forgot the lighter and tape.


Luckily we had a few family members with us that came in handy with the sign holding and one even stopped for a lighter on the way.


In the end, she yet again did an AMAZING job all the while putting up with us and our shenanigans! Oh and Ryan was surprised, ecstatic that he gets a mini him!


Be sure to check her out for all your picture needs!

Instagram: @brittanybayproductions




Our Wedding, Part 2.

Welcome to the destination part of our wedding!  This is Part 2! We decided on the ease of a destination wedding since we do have a lot of family and friends and we are busy people.

The decision on the location was made the day we were engaged by simply telling Ryan there was a casino at the resort I was researching, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana.  This part was a breeze for me, I just had to answer a few questions and the wedding planner took care of everything else!


There were a few bumps along the way with people forgetting to get passports in time, airline ticket prices sky rocketing and all the other joys of traveling out of country.



We had forty of our closest family and friends traveling to meet us throughout the week starting on Tuesday and the last two arriving on Friday. It was a big party for the week and everyone got along swimmingly.

IMG_4106(Proof you can take a selfie on a water camera. Real film was developed here people.)


The day of was a breeze, our wedding planner was amazing!! We got married at 11 am on the beach on Saturday, May 6, 2017.  Our family friend, Rich, did our ceremony. He was hilarious!




The reception followed at noon and there was one oops. I forgot my phone in my room with the playlist for the reception so my dad and sister went to grab it for me.  Then we realized I forgot to tell them I had an iPhone 7 so they didn’t have the right connection.  Lucky us, none of our friends go without their phones.  Our friend Steven had an iPhone that could connect to the sound system, so I shared the playlist with him and we were good to go!



After the reception, it was to the pool! We pretty much consumed the whole thing, but it was a blast! Yes I was still wearing my flower crown!

Again, thank you to everyone that was able to join us on this journey and I hope y’all are ready for the next one!




Our Wedding, Part 1.


This is about our wedding, the first part at least.

We wanted to make sure everyone was included even the people that couldn’t travel with us for our destination wedding.  So we said, lets go to the Justice of the Peace plus it saved us a couple hundred dollars since the resort didn’t have to do any of our legal paperwork.  Breeze, right?

The Justice of the Peace turned into lets just do our rehearsal dinner too since everyone will be here.  As my husband reminds me, we didn’t plan anything too big, but it was stressful to me.  We were in the middle of show season and he was traveling, so most of the planning was on me.  Lucky him right?

So we finally found a weekend that worked with everyone.  Planned on the Justice of the Peace at 1 or 2 in the afternoon only to find out that most courts close at noon.  So then we had to let everyone know that was driving in, you need to be here by 1130 which meant most were driving in the night before.


The rehearsal dinner part was easy.  My mom, future mother in law and myself went to check out one location and were sold.  Drinks were to start at six and dinner at seven.  My future mother in law and her friends took it over from there.  Well other than figuring out the guest list, I had to help with that.



April 7th, 2017, all the stress and everything was gone the minute I got to marry my best friend. Well if you were there, most people thought I was going to pass out, I was shaking so bad. It was a perfect day especially since both of our grandpas that were with us got to be our witnesses on the marriage license.

IMG_3380Talk about special. (My grandpa signed as well, we just didn’t get a picture)

It was great! We had our family with us for the Justice of the Peace, about 30 people. Then we had family and friends join us for dinner and drinks that night, about 65 people.  It really was the perfect Friday surrounded by people that love us the most!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Oh, I almost forgot! We got free dessert at Twisted Root since we were newly weds!




PS Thanks to Jackie for some of these amazing pictures!

4am Intro..

It’s the second night in a row that I can’t sleep and this whole blog thing has been on my mind.  Does anyone else have their best ideas at night? I told my husband about this idea today and he goes, “well if it comes to you, then write.” So here I am.

I am Amy Kasmiersky, respiratory therapist, boutique owner, newlywed, and soon to be mom.

I recently married my husband, Ryan, in May 2017.   A few weeks later, we found out that we are expecting a little one on New Year’s Eve 2017!


I hope you enjoy this glimpse into our crazy busy life, from work, to my pregnancy, traveling, my love of fashion, and anything else that comes up along the way.

Just busy, living life.